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Remote Access with OctoEverywhere

OctoEverywhere is the simplest and recommended method to set up remote access. It does not require any configuration — simply link your printer with OctoEverywhere, and then connect OctoEverywhere to Polymer.

Follow OctoEverywhere’s getting started instructions.

Connect OctoEverywhere with Polymer

  1. In Polymer, navigate to ‘Settings’ → ‘Printers
  2. Tap the add (+) button
  3. Tap the ‘OctoEverywhere’ button
  4. On the OctoEverywhere website that pops up, tap the ‘I Already Have An Account’ button
  5. Enter your username and password, and tap ‘Log In
  6. Select the printer you want to connect from the drop-down
  7. Tap ‘Connect & Finish